Overview of BHB And The Team

Ever since established in 2003, Basic Health & Beauty Sdn. Bhd. (BHB) has been importing and distributing health products that are made with health in mind, and never shelf life in mind.

Over the span of 15 years, apart from trying all means of marketing, we also went through great lengths to educate our consumers on how to identify a high quality health product.

In 2016, our company underwent a rebranding. Along with a new name, BHB and our new logo, we aim for an even stronger and driven team. Hence, we can maximise the growth of BHB through the pursuit of our ambitions.


Our Products

In line with our business aspiration, we place great emphasis on our product selection, picking only the best products after a thorough review to ensure that our products truly deliver ultimate health benefits to our consumers.

Udo’s 3.6.9 Oil Blend was the very first product we carried in 2003 and till today, we still confidently encourage its consumption to the public as it is an Essential Fatty Acids that our body requires.

In 2008, we imported Salus products, a reputable brand with 100 years of history.  We assure you that for each product, we have comprehensively evaluated the ingredient list and the production methods to confirm its safety for consumption and also the potency and purity for maximum absorption and utilization by our body.


Business Conduct

Our business practice is grounded in our high ethical standards, values and integrity. Similarly, our dealers recruited share the same sentiments in placing our consumers’ interest as priority above all else.


Our Promise

Our business philosophy is firmly grounded on our tagline – “Inspiring Health”. Valuing our consumers’ health above all, we aim to raise awareness of health maintenance by encouraging a preventative mindset. We are dedicated to impart our knowledge to consumers by regularly holding health seminars and dietary consultations.

We are on an endless pursuit to explore for more health products that are of excellent quality. At BHB, we aim to maximize our efforts in the provision of high quality products and to inspire more people to live healthily.